Innovative Farm Tech

If you ever want a glimpse into the future of farming I can think of nothing better to check out than Blue River.  Having been acquired by John Deere on September 6th their tech is truly impressive!  I think as farm extenders, seeing this kind of innovation opens our eyes to what is possible already and what can be possible in the near future.

Check out the YouTube clips of Blue River tech in action here:


Read the noise being made by Blue River in the high tech industry here:

How John Deere’s New AI Lab Is Designing Farm Equipment For A More Sustainable Future

Fast Company

The acquisition of a computer vision startup speeds the company’s goal of helping farmers grow enough food for an exploding global population.

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The ag giant is buying Blue River Technology for its machine-learning powered crop sprayers.

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Look out weeds. Tractor giant John Deere just spent $305 million to acquire a startup that makes robots capable of identifying unwanted plants, and shooting them with deadly, high-precision squirts of herbicide.