Goodbye Vallotton Farms - German Style

We asked Andre some questions about Vallotton Farms - as you can see by his answers, his sense of humor was a great addition to our family.


What are your five favorite farm jobs?

- combining (Mähdrusch)

- driving the grainkart in the sunflower harvest  (Den Überladewagen fahren, während der Sonnenblumenernte)

- spraying (Spritzen)

- planting  (Aussaat)

- catching cows with Pierre 😉 (Kühe einfangen mit Pierre)


What is your favorite piece of equipment to drive/operate?

Driving the Kubota BX 2350 lawn mover. I never felt so much power under my bum. 😉
( Der Kubota BX 2350 Rasenmähtraktor. Ich hab nie so viel Power unter meinem Hintern gehabt.)


What is one piece of advice you would give to future trainees?

Pack some warm cloth and if you get a fortune cookie, don’t eat the paper that’s inside – the last one might come a few months too late…


What is the best thing about your time at Vallotton Farms?

I can’t choose for a best thing. I enjoyed the time here in general, to be a part of the family and to get included in all the family events was great.

Thank you Vallotton Farms for an awesome year!
( Ich könnte mich nicht für eine Sache entscheiden. Ich habe die Zeit hier genoßen und es war knorke ein Teil der Familie zu sein. Vielen Dank, Vallotton  Farms, für dieses großartige Jahr!)

Good luck on your travels Andre!  Thanks for all of the laughs... intended and otherwise.