Another Christmas list

After looking at my ridiculous Christmas list from yesterday, I actually tried to think about what I really want from my husband for Christmas, and came up with this new and revised list:

1.)    Time


I love seeing you out on the field or at work around the farm, but at Christmas I also appreciate seeing you doing family things and couple things.  Holiday traditions are important and it takes time to build relationships and memories.  When we spend a whole afternoon cutting the tree, setting it up and decorating it, that makes my heart happy.  Even if it is a totally lopsided Charlie Brown tree.


2.)    Kind Words

In the busy season, I am sure that my husband does say kind things, but I don’t always hear them.  For example, here is how a typical supper in the field might go:

Said while loading up his plate and inhaling food.

Hubby: Hi. We gotta get going so we can finish this field and start on the next one before it gets damp tonight.  I am starving; I needed three sandwiches in my lunch bag.

 Three minutes pass with only the sound of chewing.

Hubby: That was a good casserole wifey. Gotta run.  See you in the morning.


I didn’t hear the compliment because I was busy thinking, “There is no way I am making any more sandwiches for lunch time!” AND “It took me five times as long to cook that casserole as it did for you to eat it.”

Now that things are a bit slower for both of us, I am ready to hear the compliments that you have to offer, so keep them coming!


3.)    Skills


One of my good friends uses the terms “blue jobs” and “pink jobs” around her house to describe how routine jobs are split up.  To be clear, “blue jobs” are in that category for two reasons – she physically can’t do them OR she doesn’t want to do them.  I think this system is brilliant.  I have a few “blue jobs” that could get checked off the list this holiday season.

This is the Christmas list that doesn't fill up sheets of paper, but is full of the stuff that really matters.

What if Christmas doesn't come from a store... What if Christmas means a little bit more ...  - Grinch/Dr. Seuss