Shopping for a farmer?

If the farmer in your life is your significant other, perhaps you want to invest some real time and energy into finding the perfect gift.  If you are really invested in Christmas-giving you might even have some keys for your favourite farmer to find under the tree. 

For every other shopper with a farmer on their list, here are some practical gift ideas that cost less than a new tractor:

10.          Flashlights – big ones, small ones, hanging ones, magnetic ones…

9.            Grain shovels – you really cannot have too many

8.            WD40 – no explanation required

7.            Fire extinguishers – every cab and every building needs them

6.            Air fresheners – so many cabs, so little new car scent

5.            Windex – it is unnecessary to steal Windex from the house when there is a shop-sized jug conveniently located in the shop and just waiting to be used

4.            Assorted snack-size chocolate bars – like #8, no explanation required

3.            Assorted nuts and bolts - not the food, although that would likely be appreciated too

2.            Sunglasses – they are constantly lost, scratched or driven over

1.            Blue shop towels – you know what I am talking about.  The ones that my husband reuses if he “accidentally” forgets them in his pockets and I wash them.