Meet me @ the bathroom

My friends and family know I have a thing for what they call "potty pics". Keep reading, it's not weird, I promise.

When I first started taking potty pics I was surprised, I knew there weren't a lot of women in high tech, but I didn't realize how few!  As you saw in our Friday Fun Facts women have a place in Ag.  There are farmers in livestock and grain, strong female examples of what being a farmer and farm extender look like.   When I took my potty pics at the recent FarmHer event, I was happy to see there was a line up!!!


Now if you're a woman, you are saying right now, lineups for the bathroom are never fun why in the world would you be happy to see one?  I'm happy to see one, because it means there is finally enough of us in one place standing together for agriculture.  

I say this with such passion and excitement because it's such a contrast to what I see in the tech world.  Below are 2 pics from 2 different high tech/big data conferences I attended in 2017.  I'll point out the two things that irk me most.  The first, there is not a single other woman in the bathroom.  Literally, I could have chosen ANY stall.  There were over 4,000 people at that conference. 


The second picture was taken at 3pm of a conference, I could still find a potty with the seat up (which means no one has used it - the cleaning crew leaves the seats up after they are done cleaning).  Giving the benefit of the doubt, I talked to the cleaning crew who happened to be finishing up cleaning the mens room.  Turns out they hadn't had to clean the women's room all day, because nobody was using it!  



In 2018 I'd like us to all run into each other in the lineup for a bathroom, because that means there is finally enough of us in one place standing together for agriculture.  I promise I'll take a pic.  :)