Year End Top 5(ish) Lists

This week we have been having some fun with our Instagram posts – you will have noticed some nostalgic photos and throwbacks to when Karen and I were kids.  You will also have noticed some posts showing that some things never change… Tubing behind the quad was fun in 1985 and it is still fun today!  Lunches in the field bring back a lot of family memories – even if I do things a bit differently today.  I distinctly remember my Amma packing up metal cake pans with a tea towel liner and an individually plated hot meal.  Although I don’t provide plated meals, I do think that we are still making family memories with meals in the field - just like we were doing when Karen and I were kids.

The joy of farming is that you are part of something much bigger than just yourself or just the current time and place.  To that end, and in the spirit of Christmas and year-end nostalgia, here are the top five things that my Dad sites as the biggest changes over his farming career:

1.   GPS with Auto Steer in farm equipment.
2.  Moving from grain press drills to air seeders to plant crops.
3.  Cabs on tractors and combines.
4.  Change from the Wooden Grain Elevators to the much larger Concrete Elevators.
5.  The change in grain hauling off the farm from using 1 ton trucks to now using Semi trucks.

But... he couldn't stop at five, so in the position of honorable mentions:

6.  Move from wooden grain bins with corners to round steel bins (flat floor and hopper bins)
7.  From shoveling to a Grain Vac
8. Large increase in the size of equipment

Although the methods and practices of farming have changed significantly over the years, the values of hard work and respect for the land are unchanged.  May you have many occasions to enjoy your family traditions this Christmas… And maybe even make some time to dig out some old photo albums!