Farming 4.0

Teresa & I are pretty lucky, being the 4th generation raised on the Hildebrand farm, in that our Grandpa (Pappa) wrote history books as well as farmed.  So, we have a great way to look back at how farming has changed from when the land was first broke, to the amazing machinery that is now in use.  

In the Hildebrand history book we are able to trace our farming heritage to the first farm bought in Canada in 1915, 4 years after first landing in Quebec City.  The generations and families are all laid out - like before it existed!

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Over the holidays we were able to see everyone, both our Mom & Dad's side, and realized just how prevalent agriculture is in our family.  From cousins working at the Research Station, to those doing seed breeding, Aunt's & Uncles working their own farming operations, to working in the local bank and hearing the stories of our grandma's about work at the grain elevator and field suppers.  

So, as we close out 2017.... Thanks for all the farmers out there who not only grow our food, but grow our next generation!  To the families where ag runs deep, and love of the land and the lifestyle is second to none.

AND for all of those who now know my sister & I and a family ingrained in agriculture because you've read FarmFemmes, we look forward to sharing more of what farming looks like in 2018.  We hope you fall in love with agriculture and become our greatest agvocates. 


Tech paradise & quite the upgrade from the 1950s farm.


*For those who own the Hildebrand history book.  Adolph's father Gustav did come to Canada as well, but the farm was in Adolph & August's name so I did not include him in the generational count.  However, for those who are history buffs on generational farming, please let me know if I should have because I really have no idea!