Six Years and another Top 5

Continuing in the spirit of year-end lists, I asked my hubby to list his top five favorite farm jobs.  Not surprisingly, his list did not include year-end paperwork!  However, I do think he should have added marketing to his list; that is by far his favorite “office” part of the farming operation.  Nevertheless, here is his list:


1.       Seeding – because that is the highest point of optimism for the year; you have the most potential you will ever have for the year

2.       Combining sunflowers – especially in a good crop

3.       Scraper work with the Quad Trac– that is really just big-kid dirt digging and moving

4.       Hauling grain right off the combine – especially in a good crop

5.       Pretty much any harvest job when there is a good crop

So, you can see the theme emerging…  Farmers work hard all year long for that good crop.  At this time of year they are already busy planning for next year’s good crop!  Crop rotations are mapped out, early bookings for inputs like seed and fertilizer are wrapping up for year end, equipment upgrades are being researched, and the list goes on...

Before I move into goal-setting mode next week, I need to remember to look back on what a great year it was.  So farmer friends, farm extenders and farmers – remember to take time at year end to look back and make a few “top 5-ish” lists of your own.

P.S.  Happy 6th anniversary hubby!