Making sense of farming

We all have a lot to learn about farming - no matter if you are a farmer, farm extender, farm femme, farm agvocate or farm interested - there is always something more to learn.  One of the best ways to learn new things is to learn together with kids, because of their natural curiosity and willingness to “get right into it” with all of their senses.

Here are some suggestions for getting our senses going as we learn about farming with our kids:

  • See, touch, taste and smell: make a meal together

  • See: read fiction and non-fiction books about farm-life

  • See, touch and smell: take a farm tour (Open Farm day)

  • See, touch and taste: attend a farmers market

  • See, touch and hear: attend a “touch-a-tractor” event

  • See and hear: watch farmer-created YouTube videos

  • See, touch and smell: visit a greenhouse

  • See, touch, smell and taste: plant some seeds

When we engage our senses, we increase the connections in our brain and we strengthen our learning and the memories that we are developing.  We can also increase our learning by:

  • Talking about what we are experiencing
  • Noticing similarities and differences (to personal experiences or something you have read)
  • Connecting to an emotion (through memory or empathy )
The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.
— Alexandra K Trenfor