Safety Investments

There are a few changes that have happened on Deer Creek Farms that have made a huge difference in "ease of operation" and certainly have reduced the risk of injury.  There are 2 jobs that I could do, but that were super hard because I did not have the upper body strength to do them as quickly & easily as the men can, and thank goodness there weren't any cameras nearby because I am sure I looked ridiculous.  


Tarp Rolling

Automated tarp close was key to being able to close the tarp on the semi.

Box & endgate remote lift

4 benefits

1. Increased distance from the auger

2. Easily able to lift the box and/or endgate from various locations

3. Can keep unloading while checking on how full the bin is

4. Able to stay out of the dust - which is a huge benefit when the truck is full of oats (ITCHY!!!!)

These simple changes helped to ensure that my Dad had helpers when he needed them, because we no longer avoided these jobs.  All of us girls appreciate these upgrades because they keep us all involved, and able to help in all of the jobs, not just the on-the-combine jobs.  Dad spent a little money on these improvements and gained more flexibility in the operations, as we can now confidently do the transport and unloading by ourselves.  This is always important, but especially on remote bin sites.  As you are prepping for the spring season, we hope now is a great opportunity to look into how these simple improvements might help in your operation.

The vendors used by Deer Creek Farms  for these products are below.  

Endgate & Hoist- Kramble -

Automatic Tarp - Michel's - 

Installation - Load Line -