Thanksgiving in Action

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Canadian Thanksgiving is fast-approaching. Many of us have just finished our harvest, either in the fields or gardens, or both.  This is a time when the cupboards and bins should be full. Yet, for many Canadian families this is not the case. Every day many Canadians live with food insecurity - this means that they are uncertain of having, or unable to acquire enough food to meet the needs of all family members.

  • 2.19 million people in Canada aged 12 and older lived in food-insecure households (2011-12).

  • In Canada, the overall prevalence of food insecurity was higher in households with children (10.2%) than in households without children (7.6%).

We can help - this is a call to action.  This week, contact your local community food bank or food shelf and see what they need.  Ask if they accept donations of farm produce, if you have some to share. Or purchase the top three items on their wish list.  Or, give a monetary donation and use their partners to stretch the dollars even further. Or volunteer. Food-security issues cannot be solved in a single day or with a single action.  However, we each can make a huge difference for one family, so lets start there!

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration for those of us who are fortunate enough to be food-secure.  We celebrate many blessings, and often take our own big Thanksgiving meals for granted. This year, we encourage you to continue to celebrate with family and friends and good food - but we also put out this call to action.  Help others to be able to celebrate as well, by supporting your local food shelf.

Don’t know how to connect with your local food shelf? Connect with Farm Credit Canada! FCC Drive Away Hunger - runs through October 18, 2018. Click here to learn more