Sprayer Lighting - Another Green Book Find

Spraying is a common task on many farms.  Sprayers can be used to control weeds or pests, and they can also be used to feed crops as they grow.  Regardless of what crops or products you are spraying, it is essential to monitor the spray pattern and spray nozzles.

Sprayer Boom Lights.jpg

Recently a number of companies have begun to promote boom lighting.  Lights on the boom help farmers to get a better view when spraying in reduced lighting or at night.  If you are wondering why night spraying is necessary, here are a few possibilities:

  • Chemicals may evaporate more slowly

  • Plants may be less stressed in darker, cooler conditions

  • Wind conditions may be more favorable in early morning or evening conditions

  • Time pressures require farmers to operate past daylight hours

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for supplemental sprayer lighting:

  • What kind of light is used: White or blue light and box or strip

  • Where is the light (or lights) mounted? Cab or boom

  • Are mounting brackets and/or harnesses included in the price?

  • If portable, how easy is it to move from one cab to another?

  • How are the lights maintained and cleaned?

  • What is the warranty?

Let us know if you have a system installed, if you have a favorite brand of lighting and what you see as the pros or cons.