Security Cameras

Recently there have been several accounts of people creeping around farm yards in the area, including some items being taken.  So, we decided to investigate security cameras as high-tech way to monitor our assets, particularly those located apart from our yard site.

Smile Camera.jpg

After contacting our local vendor, the process was straightforward.  Our first step was to provide maps of the sites that we wanted to monitor.  At each site we outlined the particular things we wanted to be able to see. In addition, we mapped out the distance and obstacles/obstructions between the sites.  After that we were ready for a follow up conversation, to discuss the hardware options and their capabilities and then we received our quote.

The process was actually much less intimidating than I had anticipated.  (Of course, you need to be working with a vendor whose recommendations you trust.)  I was able to describe which parts of the sites that I wanted to be able to see and record and then the vendor was able to outline options and make a recommendation.  I didn’t need to know a lot about the technical side of the set up to get the process started…. Keep reading tomorrow for some of the answers to my questions.