Security Cameras Q&A

After investigating security cameras I found out some of the basics, that apply to many systems regardless of the location or type of camera you are using.

  • What are the basic parts of a camera system?

    • In addition to the camera(s) you need a hard drive, recorder, bridges, cables and power supply.  There is a “home base” (my term - not a technical term!) that has the recorder, hard drive and one bridge.  The camera(s) are connected to other bridges, which need to be able to see the bridge at the “home base”.

  • Do I require an internet connection?

    • As long as your cameras are within the radius of the wireless connection you only need internet at your “home base”.  However, this might be the tricky part as the stated radius assumes no obstructions, such as large bins or tall trees.

  • Can I see a live feed?  

    • Yes.  An app provides you the ability to see the feed from each camera.  You may also have some zoom capabilities via the app.

Of course, I now have more questions, including:

  • How do I know if something is happening - can I set alerts in the app?

  • How much recording capacity do I want/need?

  • So, someone is caught on camera - now what?

If you have any experiences with camera security on your farm yard or other farm sites, we would love to hear what you have learned.  What worked and what didn’t? Comment below or email us at or