Halloween Farm Prep: Star gazing apps

Combining farming and technology is our passion at FarmFemmes, and that means sharing the unique fun of the wide open space of a farm. One of our favorite things is the dark sky, that almost pure darkness where the stars really pop.

This week, you may be out with your kids trick-or-treating after dark which is a great way to get started showing them how amazing nature’s nightlights are. If you live in the country, it might take a while to get to your neighbors, so you can do some star gazing along the way!


Here are some fun free apps to make star gazing high tech.

  • Star Walk 2 [Free]

Super simple. Tap the compass, point the phone at the sky and it will show the constellations above you.

There are plenty of other features, but this is the one that makes you feel like a constellation expert in no time flat.

  • Sky View [Free]

Easy to setup and find stars and their trajectories right away. Also, a really easy camera mode if you do find a constellation that the kids are really impressed with.

Hope these fun apps are a great way to combine the amazing benefits of a big sky, wide open spaces and family on the farm. Happy star gazing!