Thanksgiving Food: Manitoba Harvest Report


Recent weather pressures (snow!) have slowed harvest in Manitoba.  The provincial crop report highlights the overall harvest progress, as well as region by region summaries.  As we get ready for Thanksgiving weekend we can choose to read this report in several ways; we can be thankful for all of the acres that are complete or we can be disheartened that those acres are not our acres.  In the big picture, we want all farmers to succeed in getting off their crops in good conditions. However, in light of your own operation, it can be of little comfort to know that others are done when you are still waiting to get your crops combined.  Thanksgiving can be a happy time, but also a time of stress if your harvest progress isn’t keeping up to your timelines or goals.


In the midst of the planning and preparations - both for continued harvest or for Thanksgiving celebrations - be sure to remember these different positions and perspectives.  If your family gathering involves more than one farming operation, be sure to be sensitive to everyone’s harvest progress. It is important to celebrate each other’s successes and to commiserate together - and then make an action plan to help get things done.

Harvest Numbers for Manitoba.PNG

Here are the highlights - by the numbers - as we get ready to give thanks for the fruits of our labours this growing season.