The Green Book Finds


The Green Book is a staple in our house. We keep copies from year to year, just in case we need to compare some product from five years ago?!?!?!  But seriously, it is the Sears Christmas catalog of farming. (I date myself with that reference, I know.)

It is fun to go through the catalogue to get new ideas of interesting technologies and innovations.  Some advertisers and products are multi-million dollar investments, but others represent a handy gadget, tool or technology that would be easy to implement without breaking the bank.  

To get us started, we have picked three items that we have tried on our farms.  If you have the 2018 Green Book and you want to follow along, here we go:

  • Hopper Dropper (pg 200): mounts to the bottom of a hopper bin to funnel grain into the auger

  • Bushel Plus drop pan (pg 188): mounts to any combine to help check for loss

  • Crop Catcher (pg 189): mounts on the combine header in front of the cab to deflect seeds back into the header

All this week we will feature some of the technologies that we have tried, or are going to test out soon.  If you have any great Green Book finds, please let us know. Drop us a comment or send us an email at or