How to Stream a Webinar

There is a lot of information available to farm femmes and farmers, but a great deal of it is via Podcasts or Webinars and we don’t want to make the assumption that everyone knows how to access Podcasts or steam a Webinar.


Both Teresa and I subscribe to Spotify which works internationally, so no problems when I am traveling between the US/Canada/Europe/Asia. You can download episodes, songs etc. which is great when you are out of cell phone signal range or want to use your house wifi to do all of your downloads. There is a free tier, it just includes advertising, so you can give it a try at no cost and see if you like it.

I don’t enjoy headphones in general, and not in tractor cabs where I still want to hear the sounds, so I ordered a basic Bluetooth speaker on Amazon [Tribit Speaker]. It’s about $30 per speaker, so if you knock it about, lose it getting out of the cab, or drive over it with a tractor tire when you forget to take it off after fueling up (not from experience of course), you aren’t breaking the bank.


To join a webinar is relatively easy, but it can be intimidating the first time. Things you need to attend a webinar:

  1. Stable internet connection

  2. A computer with speakers OR

  3. Headphones to plug into your computer so you can listen OR

  4. A telephone (I often put mine on speaker phone)

  5. A webcam is NOT REQUIRED

A few tips if you are having trouble with the stable connection.

  1. It can be the webinar host’s issue… they have to plan for the number of concurrent attendees

  2. You need at least 4mbps download speeds for a web conference not to be glitchy

  3. If audio is offered via a telephone number (you call into a toll free number with a participant code) rather than using audio over your computer you will conserve bandwidth

  4. Start with a pre-recorded webinar rather than a live webinar so the number of concurrent users is lower.

The biggest hurdle is just in joining your first webinar. You will quickly learn what does and does not work in terms of internet speed (if at home doesn’t work, try going to your local dealership or coffee shop for an hour of wifi use in town). Try different webinar providers, if one speaker doesn’t seem to load or is always glitchy, you can find a different speaker and webinar and see if you see the same issues.

As we head into the season of fall work, and learning the latest grain marketing strategies, we hope you can now add podcasts and webinars to your arsenal.