Manitoba Farm Women - Chrissy Van Damme

Under The Hill Farms is the potato division of a family-operated farm business located near Cypress River, MB.  Chrissy VanDamme is the farm’s agronomist and front line in data collection and aggregation. Technology is helping her move beyond collecting data to actually gathering information.

OTHF Screen1.jpg

What else does John Deere Operation Center do for UTHF?

  • Allows users to pre-load all of the equipment specifications, such as implement sizes, into the monitors

    • Lesson learned: load all information into all monitors just in case monitors need to be moved between pieces of equipment due to a breakdown or other unplanned issue

  • Allows the farm manager to see where each piece of equipment is working, as well as details like how long it has been operating and the fuel level

    • This allows a supervisor or mechanic to know exactly where the equipment is located

    • This can aid in loss-recovery

  • Allows users to check things as specific as the combine settings, and enter the monitor to make changes remotely

    • Troubleshooting can be tricky and two brains are often better than one

OTHF Screen2.jpg

How does a “big name” like John Deere Operation Center bring added value?

As Chrissy continues to gain familiarity with the capabilities of operation center, she cited some added value that comes with working with a company with a high level of industry saturation.

  • Other apps are designed to sync with JD Operations Center

    • Soil Test Pro

    • Farm Dog

  • Technical support is available locally, through the dealership network

  • Operations Center has a full staff dedicated to fielding operator suggestions and making improvements based on these suggestions from the field (literally)

As farming operations gain size and complexity, both in the number of employees and the diversity of crops, it is helpful to have a repository to collect information.  The next step is being able to take that information and turn it into informed decision making and action to positively impact the operation.

Chrissy Drone corn plot.jpg

Corn Plots at OTHF

Chrissy said that “she doesn't’ really like technology” but once she got started it was pretty fun to see all of the things that were at her fingertips!  Thanks to Chrissy and Under The Hill Farms for giving us a sneak peak into running the John Deere Operation Center in a complex farming operation.