Stuck With Me

At the MB Farm Women’s Conference we had the opportunity to speak about the importance of finding a working balance between family and farm (aka the farmily).  We provided the audience with concrete examples of the technology that farm families can use to improve operations, organization and optimism. And we spiced our presentation generously with laughs and our own brand of humor.

Often our to-do list can include pressures from ourselves, our family and our community.  Some of these pressures occur for a short-time while others are long term or recurring. It can be powerful to examine when and where our pressure points arise, because we can not adjust our farmily balance until we understand those pressure points.

Take a listen to Teresa talk about reflecting on balance over the course of time.

As participants left, we asked them to write down one thing that would stick with them (on a sticky note!) and leave it by the door as a physical reminder of their “sticky message”.  It was totally rewarding to read each of the notes and we certainly saw some themes emerge! Many of the participants commented on the opening part of the presentation that talked about different lenses through which we can take inventory of our own to-do list.

Theme: The need to reframe your “to-do” list with a different perspective.

Participants’ sticky messages:

Remember that many things on the to-do list are not as urgent as I sometimes pressure myself to believe.
Balance = Creativity = Positivity

Cheers to a great session and great farm women.  Check back on Friday to see more of our session and hear more audience take-aways.