Still Stuck With Me

FarmFemmes spoke at the 2018 MB Farm Women’s Conference, but we really wanted to create an interactive session!  Participants had the opportunity to listen to us, but also to others at their table. We promised our participants that they would also get to learn from everyone at the session, because we would share all of the ideas generated by the women in the room.  

It was interesting to see how participants were impacted by the session.  It was powerful to see that even as themes emerged everyone had unique and powerful ways of choosing their own words to convey these themes… Today’s themes are:

Humour is important.  

Sex is important.

If you are wondering exactly how this fits into a talk on farm/family balance, take a listen:

Many participants commented about the importance of humor!

Keep a sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Use technology to your advantage and laugh often.
My husband isn’t the only one with a one-track mind. :-)
Don’t fear technology but use it to make more time... to have lots of sex.

Have a great Friday - enjoy the weekend. Have a laugh and maybe even find your partner’s “to-do” list…