Best of FarmFemmes: JD Operations Center

Originally posted in November 2017

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I have received many e-mails about my original post about using the John Deere Operations Center for the first time.  Thanks for all of the feedback & questions, keep them coming!

Your questions have led to me doing a lot of research, so there will be more posts in the upcoming weeks as I keep finding out more answers.  In the meantime here are the answers to some of the questions:

1. What display is being used to capture the data you uploaded into the JD Operations Center?

The display used on Deer Creek Farms is a 2630.  

John Deere does have their Gen4 displays available (4640 Universal display), but there are some differences in pricing models to consider.

2. How did you get the data from your display to John Deere Operations Center?

My dad put the data from the display onto a USB stick, and I uploaded it to the John Deere Operations Center using the John Deere Data Manager.  It was a really quick process to do (depending on your internet speed of course).  There are a number of wireless options available, but this was the quickest and easiest (and cheapest) way to get started this year.

3. I’ve uploaded data, but it’s all messed up because I didn’t name the fields consistently.

No problem.  We had this issue too, if I recall correctly, my dad had 156 fields when I loaded it in the first time due to naming conventions and the number of historical year's worth of data I loaded.  Obviously that wasn’t right, so it took a little finagling to figure out how to merge fields.  That way, it doesn’t matter what you named them, as long as you remember the logic.  Field 2 vs. fd2 vs. pet field vs. closest to house can all be merged if they all mean the same field to you.

Here is how you merge fields:

  1. Log In to myJohnDeere

  2. Click on the open book with a push pin in it icon that’s in the upper left hand corner

  3. Click the icon that looks like a shape file

  4. Click on a field

  5. Click the i button icon about that field

  6. Locate the Merge option, 5th from the top

  7. Use the radio buttons to select the fields you want to merge

  8. Click the yellow merge button


4. How do I look at the data in reports that I can use for field planning next year?

There are a number of pre-built reports that are standard in the Operations Center.  Some are simply what you did on a specific field for a given year, like the below.  


These reports can also be helpful when comparing the yields between different varieties.  


Keep sending in your questions!  I still have 7 more to answer - so thanks to everyone who was interested in learning more!

We are always happy to help you and your farm if you are in the phase of getting started with precision ag technologies, or you are ready to optimize what you’ve been tracking for several years now.  You can either comment below, or send either of us an e-mail at or