Santa's Workshop for Farmers

Every farm has “disposable” or “use-up-able” products and items that can always be replenished.  Every farm also has items that require many multiples, because the one you have is never in the spot where you need it!  In fact, there are so many of these items, we have compiled the top 20. You’ll find something for every price point on our list:

  1. Blue shop towels

  2. Flashlights

  3. Shovels (grain, snow, garden)

  4. Brooms for every size of mess - floor or counter.

  5. Ladders or shop stools. (That one-step boost can do wonders.)

  6. Nuts and bolts (not the food, but that would probably work too).

  7. Kleenex pocket packs

  8. Personal protective equipment (safety glasses, ear protection).

  9. Disposable gloves

  10. Ice packs for lunch kits or first aid kits.

Every item is a practical Christmas gift for the farmers on your list! Check back tomorrow for ten more great ideas.