Santa' Workshop for Farmers

This week we have been posting lists of ideas to help you ensure your farmer has a smile on their face when they open your gift. Yesterday we posted the first half of our low-tech farmer’s shopping list. Scroll down to get the first ten items or keep scrolling down for our tech-based gift recommendations.

Here are ten more items on the every-farmer wish list:

  1. First aid kit

  2. Cab air fresheners

  3. Bungee cords

  4. Grease fighting hand soap or laundry detergent (Fast Orange or Worx).

  5. Batteries for every remote or portable device you could imagine.

  6. Odor eaters for boots (just sayin’).

  7. Zip ties for every size of job.

  8. WD-40 and Duct Tape

  9. Bright orange pylons (high-vis signal that children are playing outdoors).

  10. Ag swag (hats, decals, tea towels, Christmas ornaments). Check in on Facebook and Instagram (@FarmFemmes) to get some ideas of where to shop for Ag Swag and comment with your own Ag Swag favorites.