How your operation can add tech to help Operations.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our select-a-session entitled You Can’t Have A Family Farm without the Family - Finding Balance we have a lot of great resources to share with you!  Part of the session involved participants sharing their technology suggestions and solutions in three main areas: Operations, Organization and Optimism.  Some of the suggestions were generic and others were names of specific apps or programs. Some we are familiar with and others are new to us. This variety was exactly the idea of having such a large group of women sharing ideas - so that we can all grow and learn.  We want to ensure that everyone can learn from the group conversations so over the next week we will be sharing parts of the presentation as well as audience suggestions.

Audience Suggestions:

AgExpert software for finances and accounting

Digital cameras for photos of livestock for promotions or sales

Barn thermostat alarm notifications

Grain dryer monitoring via cell phone

Feed Watch software for feeding cattle

Check back later this week for technology suggestions to help you “get it together” and stay positive in your farming operation.