The SuperBowl of Farming: FarmBowl

Farming is important, and so is making it accessible to those who don't regularly see it.  

As Minnesota gears up to host the SuperBowl, we were really excited to see Land O'Lakes getting in on the action by creating an event today called FarmBowl.


With fun events like:

  • Tractor Tire Change
  • Hay Bale Backup
  • Drone Drop
  • Milk Pipe Puzzle
  • and the race to the final Feed Run.

It's a fun event to connect kids, youth & SuperBowl fans to farming.  It will be a Facebook event, so you'll be able to watch it wherever you are.  

They have also created a great video as to what modern agriculture looks like today that I really enjoyed.  I think this is a great video for classrooms, for any teachers looking for a way to connect to agriculture.

There are some other great ways we know of to connect with a farm.  If you have a farm event near you, comment below...

Other fun upcoming farm events in Canada.

1. Open Farm Day (Manitoba) 

2. Canadian Agriculture Day Events

3. Agriculture in the Classroom (Manitoba)