Ag Road Trip BINGO

The month of March typically involves either spring break travel or Easter travel, which got us to thinking, how can we make the upcoming road trips more ag related?

So, we came up with a BINGO board for each day this week!  

AND because everything is more fun when it's a competition - there will be PRIZES!!!!

To enter for a FarmFemmes kids/youth safety shirt:

1. Take a selfie that shows 1 adult +  1 <18 year old + your BINGO sheet (printed or electronic)

2. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post


You can enter 1 time per day for the duration of the contest (March 19-April 2).  

BUT.... wait there is a BONUS, we will put your name in 10x if you take a photo of EACH item that got you to BINGO in a ADDITIONAL post on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post.  

We will give away 5 shirts!