Dealership BINGO

Today's BINGO is a little harder - and might take your some work on Google maps to find dealerships with these different brands - or for that matter they might all be sitting in your shop!

AND the competition continues for these BINGO cards- and the PRIZES!!!!

To enter for a FarmFemmes kids/youth safety shirt:

1. Take a selfie that shows 1 adult +  1 <18 year old + your BINGO sheet (printed or electronic) 

2. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post

You can enter 1 time per day for the duration of the contest (March 19-April 2).  

BUT.... wait there is a NEW BONUS, we will put your name in for each selfie you post with you and a different friend or family member with your BINGO sheet and post on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post.  

(so if you have 2 sisters, take 1 photo with each holding the bingo sheet and you get entered 2 times)

(if you take your bingo sheet to your grandma's senior home, and get a selfie with 10 grandma's, we will enter you 10 times)

We will give away 5 shirts!