Grocery Store BINGO

Today's BINGO is for everyone!  Ag knowledge or not, we all eat and everything on this BINGO sheet was raised by a farmer!  

There are a lot of entries for the prizes, but keep them coming!!!!

To enter for a FarmFemmes kids/youth safety shirt:

1. Take a selfie that shows 1 adult +  1 <18 year old + your BINGO sheet (printed or electronic) 

2. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post

BONUS entries of 10x will be entered if you post on Facebook or Instagram one of these grocery items tag @farmfemmes and use #thankafarmer 

You can enter 1 time per day for the duration of the contest (March 19-April 2).  

We hope you've had fun with our BINGO sheets this on your road trips.  If you've liked them, we'd love to hear, if there are ideas it gave you for other ones let us know!  Comment below with your ideas & hope you enjoyed some fun ag connected road trips!