Well Read FarmFemmes

I love to read! 

Generally speaking, Karen is more of a fan of non-fiction that I am.  However, she started me on some non-fiction at Christmas and I’ve been continuing the trend... My current reading list is:

Braving the Wilderness – The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone (Brené Brown)

The End of Average – How We Succeed in a World that Values Sameness (Todd Rose)

Originals – How Non-Conformists Move the World (Adam Grant)

As you can tell from the titles, the theme of my reading lately has been about embracing your true self, and seeing the value in our own individuality.  This week, as we celebrate International Women's Day, my hope is that we can see the value in continuing to advocate for women's equality and celebrating women's achievements.

A colleague of mine often talks about two kinds of books: window books and mirror books.  Window books are a way to see out into the world, while mirror books are a way to see a bit of ourselves in the stories of others.  Whether you are reading fiction or non-fiction, window books or mirror books, I hope you find joy, power, inspiration and affirmation in your reading.

Let us know what you are reading, or what you would recommend, by commenting below.