I feel truly blessed to be a Canadian citizen.  I feel blessed to work in the United States in the tech industry, where the #MeToo movement is changing the culture in which women work.

But when I travel for work, what I feel most blessed by is that I have the right to be proud of women, to promote women in agriculture and to promote the men who love us and treat us as equals.  

When I traveled to Chile in 2017 and India in 2018 I realized just how many amazing stories women share, and just how many men went out of their way to ensure my safety and enabled me to experience their culture.


I was able to see the importance of agriculture in each culture, the critical role that food plays and its ability to connect us all.  While gender has led to inequality in many ways, agriculture and the food we need brings us all together.  

So this International Women's Day, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the women who inspire, who do not have the same rights we do, and remain champions for change irrespective of the consequences.  I want to say THANK YOU to all the men who value the women in their lives.  

THANK YOU to all the farmers who feed us and who give us all a connective thread.  Sharing a meal brings people together, enables a conversation and helps us to see each other more clearly.  And a final THANK YOU to the many amazing farm femmes who are changing the rural way of life in their countries.  

We hope you have a chance to thank a woman meaningful to you today.