More Farm Femmes: Pam Bailey

After first reading about Pam in Country Guide we knew that we wanted to talk to Pam.   As FarmFemmes, we were interested in what made her take on the challenge of becoming the first woman on the Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) board of directors, and what she has learned along the way.


Q. What experiences prepared and equipped you to feel capable to take on a board role?

A. Growing up in a small community in Nova Scotia was really the foundation for Pam’s strong feeling of connection to community.  After experiences in 4-H and Young Farmers, Pam had a good background in parliamentary procedures and governance.  However, as is often the case, it took a personal connection to prompt Pam to consider a board position with MCGA.  Chuck Fossay is the current president and also Pam’s neighbour, so when Pam asked where all the women and young people were, Chuck encouraged her to fill out the nomination papers.

If you are not happy with your situation, then learn the process and change it. - Pam's parents

Q. How did you get the inspiration, and know-how, to make this happen?

A. Pam’s upbringing helped her to feel confident in navigating a nomination process, and the clear and transparent directions on the website make it easy to learn what MCGA required.  The real question, which helped Pam frame her decision to complete the nomination papers, was “What do I have to be afraid of?”  In other words, what would a “fail” look like.  Pam looked at that question from the perspective of governance, farm planning, environmental issues and agronomy, and realized that although she didn’t know everything, she knew enough.


Keep reading tomorrow to learn more about what made the Manitoba Canola Growers Association the right fit for Pam AND what else she has on the go.