Seeding Update

At work this week, someone asked me how seeding was going.  Rather than just say “fine” and carry on with the day, I chose to take the opportunity to really respond.  Here is what I said, and why:


  • We have been fertilizing the fields of fall rye
  • We have started seeding our cereals (wheat and oats).
  • We have been preparing fields for planting sunflowers.
  • We have been planning for preparation and planting of soybeans.
  • We have been dealing with electronics issues in our planter tractor.


We badly need rain to help our crops germinate.  Since we do not have irrigation, we are relying on Mother Nature for some rain, after the dry winter and month of April.

This conversation highlighted how farmers manage multiple tasks and priorities at once.  It also highlighted that Mother Nature plays a role in our planning, actions and reactions.  Finally, and most importantly, it highlighted the opportunity that FarmFemmes have, through everyday conversations.  Time is precious and days are busy, but it pays to take the time to talk to people about what modern agriculture is all about.