My Personal Park


I was reminded of the differences between farm yards and city yards this week during a conversation about watering the garden.  I mentioned that there is no nearby access to water, so we haul in totes of water and use an electric pump to run the sprinkler.  After a good chuckle we realized that maybe we don’t garden on the same scale!

Another yard job that typically occurs on a different scale on a farm is lawn mowing.  I grew up measuring lawn mowing in hours, and this did not include push mowing or weed whacking.   I love the smell of fresh cut grass and remember many happy hours riding the lawn mower as a child and young adult.  This was, and still is, one of the best “chores” to do! 


The bonus about living on a farm yard, is that you really have a park right outside your front door.  Maybe your yard has a big open space, perfect for a soccer or softball game.  Perhaps your yard has trees scattered everywhere, providing perfect dappled sunshine for a picnic.  Whatever your farm yard allows you to do, all the hard work of maintaining a big outdoor space pays off in being able to enjoy the outdoors every day.   

Sure, there are days when the lawn is longer than I would like or the trees are not pruned.  However, there is a satisfaction and pride in working outside, in calling a place home and in connecting to the Earth.  It is hard to put into words, but it is there every day when I drive in our lane.