Memorial Day in the USA


Every day we drive the gravel road past the small Milford cemetery on the way to daycare.  However, one day we took a trip, and as we passed a large cemetery my oldest said “Mom, there are a lot of people in Heaven!”

This Memorial Day, there will be pictures of rows upon rows of headstones, flags and crosses, but each of those headstones represents an individual.  Someone special to those who loved them.  An improvised explosive device in Iraq changed my life, and the life of my family, forever when my late husband Jason was killed in action on February 21, 2005.  Jason was a guy who embraced life.  He was a member of the army national guard, but he was also an outdoors lover, a community volunteer, a teacher and lighthearted guy.


So, use the Memorial Day long weekend to celebrate with loved ones and to remember that our blessings, individual and collective, came at a cost.