Revisiting Connected, Protected, Respected

Connected, Protected, Respected was a motto I heard a while ago, and have posted about several times.  It resonates with me each time I go back to it – for different reasons and in different ways.  As seeding time arrives, it is a good reminder that we are striving to be a farm family that is Connected, Protected and Respected.


To me, this means that I recognize that we are all one unit, working together for our collective good.


To me, this means that I have a responsibility for the safety and wellbeing (physical and mental) of all of the members of my farm family.


To me, this means that I know that we all have a role to play.  I know my role and my strengths and try to use those strengths to the betterment of our family and of our farm.  I also know my weaknesses and I hope that I can use the strengths of others to help navigate through the areas where I need help.  I expect that our family farm relationships hinge on give-and-take that changes with the seasons, but that everyone is respected for what they can contribute.

Connected, Protected, Respected also means that we all succeed together.  Deer Creek Farms and Vallotton Farms operations are both rooting for each other; both as operations and as individuals in those operations.  Family farms are why #farmlifeisthebestlife

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