Modern Canadian Agriculture

We take our family-farm businesses very seriously; they are our life and our livelihood.  Farming is not just our job, it is our way of life and entirely personal. 

During the arrangements for the visit several of the documentary teams’ views and assumptions came to light.  As each of theses attitudes became evident I felt a range of reactions and emotions.  Through Farm Femmes, we hope to communicate our values and beliefs to try and influence change regarding the assumptions we encountered.

  • Agriculture is highly technical, and will continue to use and develop more advanced technology to produce food for the world in an manner that is sustainable environmentally, socially and financially.

  • Agriculture is a complex business operation and farmers are required to use many fields of study at once (agronomy, marketing, mechanics etc.) in order to be successful and competitive in today’s marketplace.

  • We take pride in producing top quality grain at a scale large enough to allow 2% of the population to feed 100% of the population.

We recognize that there are many types of farms, farmers and farming philosophies.  We are attempting to be transparent and consistent in our communications so that our readers can feel assured that we are using all modern tools at our disposal to produce a high quality product today and an opportunity for our children to enjoy this lifestyle in the future.  We want you to feel assured of this, not just because we said so once, but because we are showing you that we are living it, every single day.

FarmFemmes: Telling the unique stories of women in modern agriculture.