Trainee Week: Where are they now? | Andreas Hansen

Andreas joined the Vallotton Farms operation as a trainee in 2016.  This year he is working as a trainee in Montana.  He recently came back for a visit to Vallotton Farms.  One of the best parts of trainee visits is finding out what they are up to now, and re-living all of the fun moments they had as part of our farm family.  International trainees add so much to the farm family and the farm operation.  Thanks to all of the former trainees we will feature this week, who let us catch up with them!  

1.  Where is home for you (city/country)?

Home is just outside the small town of Krusaa, South Denmark.

2.  Why did you decide to do an agricultural exchange?

I have heard stories from other people that have had great experiences and good memories from working and traveling around the world. That, the fascination of big machinery and a friend of mine deciding to go for it, made me want to join. Best decision EVER!

3.  What is the main differences you have noticed about farming in Canada / U.S./Denmark?

Climate. We get lots of rain and often fight wet field conditions year round. Many areas in Canada and the U.S. would be blessed with more rain. 

The size of the farm operations. Many fields in Canada and the U.S. are bigger than what most farms farm in total in Denmark.

Most farms in Denmark have their main income from pig production, dairy or chicken farming. Only very few have crops only.

4.  Favorite piece of equipment?  

I don't really have a favorite piece of equipment. I enjoy operating most equipment.

5.  Favorite on the farm job?  

Combining and everything about harvest time.

When all years hard work and prayers for cooperative weather comes back to you.

6. If you could work on, or own a farm anywhere in the world, where would that be & what type of farm/farm size? 

I would love to be able to keep the family farm but realistically it's to small to make a decent living of without a second job, it's location is not favorable due to the town and some protected forest close by.

So if I was to own my own farm, Canada with somewhere around 5000-10000 acres of crops would be something I could see myself in.

7.  As a repeat ag exchangee what have you learned on each exchange?

On my first exchange I learned to drive trucks, to operate the row crop planter and the combine. I'm sure I learned other skills as well without realizing it being new or different to me. 

What's been new to me on the second exchange is to operate the air seeder. 

When are you coming back to Canada???? 😎

And answer to the last one: I'm really hoping to come back to visit after harvest some time before we go back home!😁