Ag Inspiration: Theresa Brown | 3B-Bar Ranch | Texas

There are so many different kinds of agriculture, and so many inspiring women we have met since starting FarmFemmes.  This week we want to share some of these great women and stories with you!

Theresa operates 3B-Bar Ranch with her husband and son.  Both she and her husband work off the farm jobs, while growing 3B-Bar Ranch to what it is today.  Theresa always inspires me as she can as quickly transition from talking IT to cattle, often within the same 5 minute conversation!  She seamlessly blends her expertise, and exposes so many people to agriculture just by sharing what she loves.  She is definitely an ag inspiration!



1. How long have you been involved with Ag?

For about 23 years.  My husband and I started building our cattle herd around 1996, more as a hobby in the beginning.  We started with just a few commercial cows.  Over the years we added land and cattle.  Today it’s a much bigger and more serious operation.

2. What type of ag are you involved with?

Commercial beef cattle and seed stock Red Angus.  We started the seed stock Red Angus business about four years ago and are still building our program. This is an exciting area where we focus on finding and using the best genetics.  We partner with some of the best Red Angus ranches in the country, which provides lots of opportunity to learn and share.

3. What's your favorite ag memory?

Watching my son and his dad working cattle together.

4. What inspires you about ag?

The people.  There are so many great people in the cattle industry.  Making connections with other ranchers is what makes it so much fun.  

Plus, there is no prettier sight than a group of healthy red cows in tall green grass.



5. How do you agvocate (social media, memberships, networks, alumni groups, young farmers groups, boards etc.)

We are members of national and local red angus organizations.  Occasionally we get the opportunity to utilize our technical skills from our professional IT careers to help out these organizations with consulting, advice and board positions.

We also leverage social media and the web to promote our cattle and our beliefs.

Want to learn more about 3B-Bar Ranch?  You can connect with Theresa and 3B-Bar Ranch at their website or on Facebook.