Trainee Week: Where are they now | Géraud Decock

Géeraud was a trainee in 2016 on Vallotton Farms.  He is active on Instagram, so follow him to see what flax fiber production looks like in France.


1.  Where is home for you (city/country)? 

Quaëdypre in France

2.  Why did you decide to do an agricultural exchange?

I decided to come to Canada to work on a farm to discover another country, to discover people and agriculture in Canada and to improve my English

3.  What is the main differences you have noticed about farming in Canada/France? 

The main differences are :

- The size of the fields

- The agricultural material is almost the same as the North of France except the big chases ( which are less numerous in France) and the size of the seeders is more important in Canada .

- Agriculture/ farmer is better perceived by people in Canda than in France.


4.  Favorite piece of equipment?  

-Red combines

-Grey Mack truck and red Mack truck

-Marcel's pick up truck


5.  Favorite on the farm job?  

-Driving a combine

-Driving a truck for hauling grain and for the sowing season

- Checking the fields in the evening with Marcel and Budweiser ;) 


6.  Favorite French food that you missed the most on your exchange?  Favorite Canadian food you miss now back in France?

- French cheese : my best is Maroille

- North France Beer and Belgium beer

- French dry sausage

Favorite Canadian food you miss now back in France?

- Sweet corn on the cob

- Burgers, all of burgers

- Steak party on a Bqq

- Poutine

- Teresa's cup cakes


7. If you could work on, or own a farm anywhere in the world, where would that be & what type of farm/farm size?

It’s a difficult question for me !! Because I am not a farmer in France ! But I have a job that has to do with agriculture.  Why not in France and why not in Canada?



Last one: If your brother comes here to work, are you coming for a visit???? 

Yes of course, and may be with my girlfriend.  I want to come back to Canada for visit at Vallotton Farms !!!!!!!!