Trainee Week: Where are they now | Lucas Blanc

Lucas joined the Vallotton Farms team in 2010 and again in 2013.  He had an undying love for farm work, equipment and mechanics and a deep hatred of vegetables! :-)  He was a second generation trainee at Vallotton Farms and in a few more years maybe his son will make it a three-generation tradition!?!?!?

1. Where is home for you (city/country)?

The name of my village is Brenles and it is in the west part of Switzerland.

2.  Why did you decide to do an agricultural exchange?

I will see another side of agriculture - Canada was a dream for me!

3.  What is the main differences you have noticed about farming in Canada?

The big fields.

4.  Favorite piece of equipment?  

Combine! And the big Versatile (love to make a lot of black smoke).

5.  Favorite on the farm job?  

Driving equipment and fixing.

6.  Favorite Swiss food that you wish you had in Canada? Favorite Canadian food that you wish you had in Switzerland?

 Just a piece of Gruyère cheese and a tasty Quizznos sandwich in Switzerland. 

7.  As a repeat ag exchangee what have you learned on each exchange?

When I came back home the first time, I would buy a farm in Canada, but after the second time (2013) I have more appreciated my situation at home. 

I think you have to be born in Canada for living there, but that was the best experience of my life.  Thank very much to the Vallottons.

Last one: When are you coming back to Canada????

As fast as possible!