Drone Energy

Drone technology is more than cool… It has a lot of different agricultural uses, or potential uses.  Flying the drone has become a hobby that connects my farm family in a new, cool and engaging way.


My parents have always been early adopters of technology - from being the first family in our area with a bag cell phone to now doing variable rate granular fertilizer applications, they have been eager to try new things.  I chose a university with a technology focus and then as a teacher, my instruction was technology rich. My parents really inspired and encouraged me to invest in a drone and start flying. My Dad gave me the technical know-how to get up in the air and after that the inspiration to continue comes from what I get to see!

When I fly, I can literally see for miles and look around at the fruits of our labour.  I can watch a crop grow and develop in a whole new way, which brings a whole new perspective to the amazing power, and beauty, of Nature.

And, then the energy is contagious…

  • My husband can scout fields differently

  • My girls know about drones before they are even in school

  • My sister makes crop production videos to share on YouTube

  • My nephews are pumped because they get to be involved with the farm in a modern way

  • My neighbour stops by to see what we are doing

  • A friend asks questions about a video we posted on social media

  • A follower tells me how to correct my shot exposure

And all of a sudden, a little drone flight creates a LOT of positive energy and ag-inspiration, for me and for a lot of other people too!

So maybe, in this case, flying actually helps me to showcase how I am #RootedInAg and #FlyingHigh at the same time.  Pretty cool!