Tall Girls Rejoice - Work Pants

Thank you to Duluth Trading Company!  I finally found work pants that are long enough!  I ordered Slim Leg Cargo Pants and Boot Cut Work Pants both in a 35 inch leg length.  


So long short pants!

First of all, it is amazing to be able to order pants in a leg length, not just a pant size.  Secondly, I had more than one choice! And then, equally importantly, when they arrived they fit and they looked good too.  They are constructed to be worn by women; I like the “curvesetter” waistband which is subtle and keeps you covered. Double bonus: there are also lots of functional pockets and the fabric repels water.


So, what does that even matter?  Of course, I could just make do with some men’s work pants and get on with things, but everyone knows the saying “dress for success” for a reason.  How you dress impacts your physical ability to do a job, as well as so much more. It impacts how you feel about yourself as you work and how others perceive you.  I appreciate having durable pants that fit so that they are not a catch or trip hazard, AND so that I feel put together enough to hop out of the combine and go directly to town to pick up the girls at daycare.

Long pants.jpg

And, for those of you who shop for the other hard-working people in your life, Duluth has a wide variety of extended sizes to help make sure we can all work safely and look good too.  Check out their Big and Tall (my hubby loves the longtail t-shirts with 3 extra inches of length) and their Trim Fit selections, not to mention women’s pants with inseam lengths 29-35 inches.

Happy Shopping!