Morning reads...

I am always interested in what other people read in the morning. My friends introduced me to The Skimm when it first launched. My alarm from Alexa starts my day with a wakeup routine that has the latest headlines from the Today show, ESPN and the Vikings report (yes, I know that’s lazy and not actually reading).

This amazing coffee was from Pearl Cup in Richardson, TX. Perfect for a little morning reading!

BUT once I’ve had coffee, I do actually read e-newsletters and my Google news ‘agriculture’ topic, and so just like my friends introduced me to my morning go-to’s hopefully you like these reads as much as I do.

The Western Producer: WP Daily

To make sure I don’t lose my French: Le Bulletin des agriculteurs

Google News is an app I have on my phone (Apple and Android links here) and I customized the topics to add ‘agriculture’ to my favorites and prioritized it to the top of my news feed. I like Google News because it has an algorithm behind it, so I am not getting my news all from one source/station and ending up in the news bubble where all of the points of view/perspectives of the story are the same.

My favorite weekly read is:

Farm Credit Canada: FCC Express

My goal in reading is 15 minutes per day, and at least 1 headline that catches my eye as a topic I want to know more about. If you have ideas of what else I should read, or even better a skill I can add to my Alexa wake up routine, let me know!