Better than hiding in the grocery store!


I am not a social person by nature - in fact, I am that person that might skip an aisle in a grocery store just to avoid a conversation. However, I am a learner. This means that direct messages (DMs) are a great social media feature for me! I get to have the conversations that I want to have when I am ready to have them. If this sounds like you, keep reading…

Direct messages are an opportunity to have a direct conversation with someone and to connect in a more one-to-one setting than a public post. Sometimes it is hard to ask a question where everyone can see it; especially if you feel like you “should know this already”. Of course, as a teacher, we are always taught that there are no dumb questions, but in reality no one wants to be the person that asks “that” question. The great thing about direct messages is that you can learn from others, without everyone having to know about it. AND you often learn more than you expected. This might mean that you get a lead to another account to follow, or get a more complete answer than you were hoping for. Or, you might strike up an ongoing conversation, even if it takes place sporadically.


The biggest take away here is don’t be shy! What do you have to loose? If you send a message you might not get a reply. BUT, what do you have to gain? An answer to your question AND possibly the start of an ongoing conversation.

P.S. If asking a question feels too hard or awkward to start, just send a comment or a compliment!