Fresh Starts

My daughter’s backpack is ready!  She has her first day of Kindergarten this week and she is ready to go.  


Many of us can remember the same feelings of anticipation and nerves.  Perhaps you have your own fresh start this fall. Maybe it is back to school, seeding fall or winter crops, or even securing financing at a new bank.  If you are lucky, you feel like you get a few “fresh starts” each year. For me, New Year’s, spring seeding, birthdays, anniversaries and back to school time all represent “fresh starts”.  Whatever or whenever they are for you, fresh starts are great for a few reasons:

  • Goal Setting: It feels good to start with a clean slate and a new goal.  Personally, my challenge in goal setting is to remember than ANY time can be a fresh start for setting a new goal or renewing my commitment to a goal I had already set.

  • New Perspective and New Energy: Fresh starts mean that you don’t have to carry old baggage with you.  Energy that was wasted in carrying around baggage can be put to better use. We just seeded fall rye into good moisture, after an extremely hot and dry August.  The recent rain means that this crop has a fresh start and a whole growing season of potential.

  • Positive Stress:  Pushing our boundaries just a bit is a good way to get some positive stress in our lives.  Positive stress is the kind of stress that helps us network with new people, learn new skills and grow as a person.  Positive stress is trying to get the last field seeded just before the rain comes. Whatever gives us that positive stress, we get that same internal buzzing feeling when we succeed.

Whether it is seeding with a new drill or getting on the bus for Kindergarten, fresh starts can be scary and exciting all at the same time.  No matter what the season or the stage of life we are in, we all have the opportunity to embark on something new and have our own fresh start.  This fall, re-energize by making this the season for a fresh start.