Farm Femmes - Connections: Thank You!

At FarmFemmes we are often guilty of always being future focused and forward oriented (learning, learning, learning for what’s next!), so this week is a pause for a bit of a celebration of success!

2018 was a year of intentionally expanding our readership to connect not just with farmers, but with farm femmes just like us (don’t worry farmers we love you too!!!!)!

We have been so blessed that our content has resonated with a female audience!

In 2018, we ended the year with 60% of our audience <45 years old, and >48% female!

A huge shout out to organizations like the Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference - if you joined our readership after hearing us speak - a huge thank you! If you want to just re-live a minute of that conference you can always go check out the Connections video to see just how cool it is to be in a room full of other Farm Femmes!

Thanks to each and every one of our readers - you are making our small business dreams come true!