You reap what you sow

Seeding Fall Rye.JPG

Each year we go to AgDays with an agenda of things to see and sessions to attend, and lots of time for socializing.  This year one of our “look for” items is going to be blockage monitors for our seeder. Currently, we manually check and visually inspect for blocked seed runs.  However, this means that we run the risk of having an undetected blocked seed run which results in a missing row of seeds and a higher seed rate in adjacent runs. Last year was our first year running our current seeder, so we learned through the process and this year we will be looking to add blockage monitors to improve our seeding efficiency.

Of course, increased monitors mean increased cost and complexity.  However, we hope that reduced down- time for manual inspections and increased seeding precision will improve our crop health and thus improve our yields.


If you know of an AgDays booth we should stop by to help us with our monitors, please send us a direct message or drop us a comment.  

Or, if you just have a cool booth that you want us to check out, let us know that too! Just tag @FarmFemmes on your social media post… See you soon.