Tech Tips: Storage for your Digital (Farm) Life

This week on Farm Femmes we are going to talk about tech tips for the farm. When it’s -30 outside, who wants to be going outside? It’s time for a little inside office work…


Tech Tip #1: Storing your Digital (Farm) Life

It never hurts to have a backup plan - EVER - in all aspects of your farming operation, so let’s take care of that for your digital footprint too.

Reasons you should do this:

  1. Financial records are important, especially if your farm gets audited

  2. Agronomic data you are gathering & collecting can be big and slow down your computer’s operation

  3. Access of your records from multiple devices so as an individual your computer, tablet, and phone stay in synch for the same file, or so you, your partners in the business operations and even support organizations can stay in synch

3 easy platforms to get started today…

Apple only operations

If you have an iPad, iPhone, Mac etc, or are otherwise Apple fans take advantage of iCloud to synch all of your devices and share easily with other Apple friends and family members. I personally use the 2TB tier which is $9.99/month, but the first level tier of 5GB is free. Just note that 5GB is not much if you are putting all of your imagery data to the cloud. It’s simple to get started as you already have to have a Apple account for each of your Apple devices, just signing in with the same Apple account across devices enables you to synch content.

If you are not a Apple only operation, then consider of the next 2 options.

If you have multiple device types, say a Windows computer, an Android phone and an iPad you will want to use an agnostic platform, the 2 we like are Drive and Box. Drive is a Google product, so if you use gmail already the interfaces are very similar. Use of Drive is free for your first 15GB, but it is $9.99/month for 1TB and $19.99/month for 2TB, so longer runway on the free level, but more expensive if you get up into the Terabyte storage range.

Box is a great product if you have a beef with Google for one reason or another, or you would rather keep your farm data out of Google’s cloud. Box is super easy to use, works on any device just like Drive, and is quick to set up to synch between all of your devices. It is priced at $5/month for 100GB and $15/month for unlimited storage.

All 3 options are great options, most importantly they give you peace of mind that your data will always be available and able to restore if your business computer or device ever fails or goes down. You will not lose any data or information and you can quickly get back up and running on a new device. The added benefit of being able to collaborate easily and edit or update files in the field or on the go will be something you’ll thank yourself for in the spring, summer and fall when things get hectic and you don’t have time to update files in front of your main computer.

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