Prep Week: Field trips

Planning isn’t all about documentation… it also means field trips. Not to a literal field quite yet, but to your shed, shop or garage. One of the key things in our safety plan is to physically check each work area, vehicle and piece of equipment for:

Fire extinguisher.jpg
  • Fire extinguishers - charged correctly, not expired and the right type and location for each piece of equipment

  • First aid kit - fully stocked with supplies

  • Emergency procedures folder - includes field locations (legal and emergency sign blue numbers for those with yard sites), directions from various local towns (our fields supported by emergency services from a number of different towns) and an outline of the information you need when calling 911 in an emergency

    Remember, in an emergency you might forget things you would normally know! Although it is possible to store this information electronically on your phone, we believe in redundancy and so we have a physical copy in each vehicle or piece of equipment.

Checking equipment and updating emergency procedures folders can be a time consuming process, which is one of the reasons to get started now! If you updated your field list earlier this week then you already have current field information for your emergency procedures folders.

After we complete these checks we post the information, as a way to keep ourselves accountable and transparent. It also reminds us to take note of exactly where these items are in each piece of equipment or vehicle.

So, pick a nice sunny winter day and organize your safety checklist, and create a shopping list if you need to! Message us with your system of keeping track of safety equipment in your fleet of vehicles and equipment.